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Elina Aro
I'm a full-time artist, former graffiti artist graduated both several Finnish art schools and real life :)
My art considers also music (playing, singing, making songs), theatre, writing and dancing but mainly painting in its all forms. I take my inspiration from life, music and feelings the previous two create. I'm mainly interested in people so my dream was to become a portrait painter, but as only 20 per cent of Finnish graphic artists support themselves by their work, I have past three years educated myself as digital artist to make whole world my playground.
I joined HIAA to get my work shown.
I have done record covers, advertisements etc to all over world and I'm looking for a manager.
I need support to sell my art as I'm not a sales person at all... I also need an own website. I'm interested in all kind of multimedia projects and currently working with a sport site and musicians. At summer I'll attend Helsinki Dance Festival :)
I believe in art everything is possible, you can travel at your thoughts, so I don't want to say much about my work, leaving the interpretation to the viewer...
Enjoy! :)